About Us


GIM is established to offer business managment consultancy services to its clients. There are brodadly two categories of services we offer to our clients – business management consultancy and marketing consultancy.

GIM sought this opportunities based on the increasing number new startups in the local businesses that they know about the services they provide or product they sell, however the need analysis showed that they need consultancy services to comply to meet with various compliances and to follow the best practice to do the business in the market.

These services include minimizing operating cost without compromising the quality of services or the products on offer, we also advise how to secure the investment on the business and get desired rate of return, on the human resources sector, we advise how to hire skilled and trained employees and how to keep them motivated to produce the desired outcome, part of running business is to register with different compliances like, HM Revenue and Customs, Companies House, different taxes i.e. PAYE scheme, VAT with appropriate scheme, registering with relevant compliances i.e. health and safety, food & hygiene, data protection requirement etc. GIM also provide logistics management consultancy to effective distribution of the products of the customers using appropriate medium.

Another main consultancy service is related with marketing management, which plays very important role in today’s world. Businesses are not separable from the marketing management in terms of business promotion, corporate responsibilities and socio-environmental aspects. Marketing management can uplift or destroy a corporate image in few seconds of time. Therefore, all businesses consider marketing management, either advertisement or print media or social media very sensibly. It is now important for all kind of businesses whether they are large or small, start up or growing. In real terms, future of a business is mostly in the hands of marketing management whether it is based on advertisement, public relations or using media. Therefore, marketing management consultancy is one of the most important functions for the businesses to consider with.

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